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Etched Signs

This is a very clean and sophisticated route to go with any signage.  The process involves sandblasting provided artwork onto the glass.  In most cases the artwork is etched on the back surface of glass, however front and back etching techniques are often used to create layering and dimensional effects.   The depth of etching depends on the requirements of the artwork as well as specific requests from customers.   An etched sign works best on a darker color wall or background since the etching produces a grayish/frosted finish.  Most etched signs are mounted using our custom standoff system.  Other etched signs are accented with LED light bars to illuminate the etched areas on the glass.




Paint-Fill Signs

In order to replicate the specific colors in a customer logo or artwork file, we implement a paint-fill process following the etching.  Once the etching has been done to the glass, a specialized architectural paint is then applied either by brush or a spray on technique.  In most cases a paint-filled sign only allows for monochromatic colors, no shading.  Etched glass mounted on a neutral color wall can be very difficult to view.  Adding a paint-fill to the etching is a great way to make sure your logo or message stands out.  



Edge Lit Signs

Illuminating an etched piece of glass is really helping to take your sign to the next level.  Our custom edge lighting process travels through the center of the glass and only illuminates the areas of the glass that have been etched.  Not only does edge lighting really make your logo or artwork stand out, but it helps to make your sign a real focal point.  Light colors available are warm white, cool white, red, blue, green, amber, color changing and custom colors.  Most of our lighting is available in 12v and 24v.  Additional lighting accessories include things such as dimmer switches, wall plates, touch sensors and hand-held remotes.  The average lifespan of our LED lighting is 8-10 years and is extremely energy efficient.  Edge lighting works best on glass thicknesses of 1/4” and 3/8”, however other thicknesses can be utilized upon special request.


Printed Glass Signs

This option is great for artwork that has a heavy amount of detail and covers a large majority of the glass panel.  The printed glass technology has advanced dramatically over the years and now a 720 dpi resolution can be achieved.  The printed application is done using a durable ceramic frit ink.  The percentage of opaqueness can also be adjusted on all or specific areas of the artwork file.  A great way to add dimension and layering to your glass panel is to have a full color print on the back surface of the glass and utilize the etching method on the front surface of glass for things such as donor names or verbiage.  

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    Etched Glass Signs


     Etched Glass Signs


Etched Glass Signs


Etched Glass Signs

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