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Painted / Paint Fill Glass

The paint-fill process is a great way to add color to any etching.  A specialized architectural paint is applied to the etching by brush or a spray on technique.  The paint fills the cavities of the etching creating a beautiful display of color throughout the etched area on the glass. 

Customers that need to replicate the exact colors in the logo or artwork file, find that the paint-fill process is the way to go.  The architectural paint can be matched to any specific paint color required (including Pantone/PMS, Sherwin Williams, Matthews Paint, etc.)  The main limitation with our paint-fill process is being able to replicate shading or gradient within artwork.  Paints are applied in a monochromatic sequence. 

Paint-filling is a good resource for showing color in a logo, helping an etching stand out from a neutral color background or applying a contrasting etching to both sides of a glass panel.  The process can be applied to almost all types of products we offer.

This process is only recommended for interior applications.


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