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Glass Erase Boards

Dry erase boards have long been a part of business meetings, classroom lectures and the general message board for places such as hospitals and even homes.  The standard dry erase boards are made using a laminate material and over time can ghost and start to scratch.  Today customers are looking for more professional style boards and something with more quality and class.  Glass erase boards have been the popular alternative to standard laminate dry erase boards.  These boards come in a variety of options that allow the customer to really customize their board with a look that is not only functional but ties into their existing design space.

Some of the popular customizable options are:
Thickness of Glass
Frosted Glass
Painted Glass
Mounting Hardware
Color of the Glass Board
Addition of Logo and Verbiage


These products can be shipped throughout the United States.  Glass Creations is able to provide very user-friendly installation instructions with each piece allowing the customer to either install the boards themselves or to work with a local contractor.  Whether big or small, Glass Creations is able to help with your glass board needs.



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