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Donor Recognition

Donor recognition is important to any organization and Glass Creations understands the significance of properly displaying and recognizing these contributors.   Our company works with customers to design and fabricate unique and functional designs.  We offer static, digital and interactive donor displays.

Displays can be affixed to walls or designed to be freestanding.  Some of the many options that can be incorporated into designs, include

Edge Lighting
Textured Glass
Painted Glass
Printed Glass
Wood and Metal Accents
Digital Signage
Color Changing Light Displays
Almost all aspects of the donor displays are manufactured in house, which allows for a wide range of design capabilities.  Displays are installed by Glass Creations when applicable.  When installation is not an option we also offer specialized crating and shipping services that ensures your display arrives to you safely, along with detailed installation instructions.

Whether you already have a concept or are in need of a fresh design, Glass Creations is ready to assist you.


Glass Donor Recognition          Glass Donor Recognition          Glass Donor Recognition

Glass Donor Recognition          Glass Donor Recognition


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